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We're Rescord, a small, independent record company run by a couple of guys in San Francisco and Chicago. Keep scrolling here for a sampling of some of the music we produce. Thanks for stopping by! Hope you'll click around for awhile :)
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 New music from 

A Blurred Moment

Love The Wicked Fools, War Cry, Badd Influence, Oh Man Wow, and DeathMaster? Cool. We do, too. Check out this classic-rock style, heavy powerhouse of an album by Bryan Ray, with special guests, mixed by Jordon Zadorozny. Released February 2024

Join us in welcoming the newest addition to the Rescord community: Coventry Carols

When asked how the band came together, drummer Terry "TT" Taylor will tell you "the death of a friend".  As singer/guitarist Jon Soda James may agree, he also might say "burritos".  Both are true, as the two would be reunited after some years at a funeral for a friend. Months after they would be airing out grievances over said burritos...

Debut album due out Spring 2022

Our good friend Jordon Zadorozny made a special Blinker the Star remix of our song "Yellow Dye".  And then our good friend Daniel Burke, who often works with our friends Cheer-Accident,  created this video. 

Listen to "Yellow Dye (Blinker the Star Remix)" on the soundoferror YouTube page

Prairie Prince played this amazing drum solo for the Rundgren Radio 13th Birthday Bash.  

It clocks in at 3 minutes, 33 seconds!

Listen to "Prairie Prince Drum Solo RRXIII" on the the Rescord YouTube page
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Join us in welcoming the newest addition to the Rescord community: CrushedVelvet

New single "Something Like Jesus" October 3, 2023

New music out today! Slugwurth self-titled EP May 1, 2023

New music by Slugwurth!

TBR May 1, 2023

Stay tuned...

Our friends Coventry Carols is joining the US segment of this tour, which Revolver Magazine is calling one of the "25 Most Anticipated Tours of 2023" 

 Kicks off March 9th in Albany, NY

Join us in welcoming the newest addition to the Rescord community: Emily Chloe Quinn

Join us in welcoming the newest addition to the Rescord community: Slugwurth

New EP 

TBR 2023

New music by 

The Antediluvians

Listen to "Good Luck Everyone" on YouTube

The new Rixxo album is available now on Bandcamp!

Rixxo, musician and dancer from Dallas TX, is the newest member of the Rescord community! 

CDs and Downloads for sale

TBR 12/10/21

Conduit of Humanity: a multi-artist collaborative project

We have physical media for sale, including CDs and 180g vinyl records! Downloads are  available as well, of course. 

Happy 35th Anniversary, Rescord!

Let's celebrate with a Box Set!

The Rescord 35th Anniversary    Box Set includes:

 The new Oh Man Wow, The first Conduit Of Humanity, Thirteen Steps by A Blurred Moment, and a few freebies from the Rescord catalog! The CDs and booklet come in a limited edition, clear cover box. 

The set includes unlimited streaming of Oh Man Wow via Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

New Album "Siren Songs From Another World"  by Conduit of Humanity 

TBR May 2022

Listen to the opening track "Shine Out" on Bandcamp

Conduit of Humanity releases new album: Siren Songs from Another World, May 2022

Pre-Order the CD through IndieGoGo, set to ship 5/24. 

Digital content available now, money raised helps pay for the production of physical media. 

Come hang out with us in Akron, Ohio for the Rundgren Radio Birthday Bash! 

Some of the Conduits share the stage with Throw Money, Secret Society, and Intoxicats at the Goodyear Theater 10/14/22 

Ring in the New Year with us and the folks at Rundgren Radio! 

NYE virtual party with special guests, videos, and more 

PLUS a live Kasim Sulton concert. 

GOODBYE 2020 - we've been waiting sooooo long!